26 luglio 2013

API Level: 18 (Android 4.3)

API 18 for Android are been released, it is not a major update but contains some news for developers.

Main changes:
  • Restricted profile. On Android tablets, users can now create restricted profiles based on the primary user. App that app uses implicit intents and/or depends on accounts have to manage the new feature.
  • Wireless and Connectivity. News are support to Bluetooth Low Energy (LE), wifi scan-only mode that allows the device Wi-Fi to scan access points to help obtain the location without connecting to an access point.
  • Multimedia.  New MediaDrm class
  • Graphics. Support for OpenGL ES 3.0 User Interface. New ViewOverlay class and more.
  • User Input. New sensor types.
  • Notification Listener. New service class, NotificationListenerService.
For a complete and detailed list of important changes check officiale developer webstite.

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