26 luglio 2013

API Level: 18 (Android 4.3)

API 18 for Android are been released, it is not a major update but contains some news for developers.

Main changes:
  • Restricted profile. On Android tablets, users can now create restricted profiles based on the primary user. App that app uses implicit intents and/or depends on accounts have to manage the new feature.
  • Wireless and Connectivity. News are support to Bluetooth Low Energy (LE), wifi scan-only mode that allows the device Wi-Fi to scan access points to help obtain the location without connecting to an access point.
  • Multimedia.  New MediaDrm class
  • Graphics. Support for OpenGL ES 3.0 User Interface. New ViewOverlay class and more.
  • User Input. New sensor types.
  • Notification Listener. New service class, NotificationListenerService.
For a complete and detailed list of important changes check officiale developer webstite.

23 luglio 2013

New LabelToDo website

From yesterday LabelToDo has its own blog at the following address. You can use it for advice, feedback and stay updated.

18 luglio 2013

LabelToDo 1.1.4 release

From version 1.1.4 this blog will contain a more detailed changelog than changelog yu can find on Google Play.

This week I release 2 versions of LabelToDo.


Version 1.1.4
★ New widget tasks list plus (only from Android 3.0): this widget has a scrollable list of elements and more options
★ Widgets improvements:
     • new button to add tasks from list widget
     • widget config page: element order fixed in combobox
     • fixed problem with widget having no elements

Version 1.1.3
★ Bugfixes: there was broken links in left menu on Home page

10 luglio 2013

LabelToDo 1.1.2 Released!!!


Version 1.1.2
★ New top action bar
★ New page for reminders adding
★ Now you can add reminders from tasks list
★ Various improvements

Version 1.1.1
★ New Search function
★ Tasks list widget: now you can choose the widget rows number
★ Buttons to quick add labels and tasks in home page

Version 1.1.0
★ New widget: Tasks list
★ New Logo
★ New functions in page to add and edit tasks